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Safety Planes that do not react to the Tool Flange


deactivation of the tool Flange , in safety planes.

What is it?

When creating safety planes, you sometimes want the safety planes to only react to a mounted tool.
But as the tool flange is always considered a tool position the safety plane can activate prematurely.

Why is it needed?

In our case it is a problem because, we want to create a ceiling for a tool that is considered dangerous, such that the tool never reaches above neck height.
But as the tool is far away (40cm) from the tool Flange, it is always the tool flange that triggers the plane, limiting the movement of the robot so much that it becomes borderline unusable.
It is unfortunately not possible to simply offset the ceiling as this would allow for twisting the tool above neck height, such that we would also have to restrict the TCP direction, which again would restrict the tool movement to an unacceptable level.


notice the red dot at the tool flange

For more info:

Suggested solution

restricting the tool flange the same way as the elbow within the safety planes settings.