Safety Functions on UR5 CB2


I am a student working on a project and I was doing the e-learning safety module for the CB3 robot but it turns out the UR 5 I am working on is a CB2 model. In the CB3 module it shows setting up a safety password to access safety functions, however it seems that this option is not on the CB2.

Is there anyway to access safety functions on the with the CB2 controller? or is this feature unavailable on the CB2 model? I am trying to set up a area scanner and a light current. The CB2 is running the latest version of polyscope that is available, which is 1.8.25319. Is it possible to upgrade the polyscope version to CB3?

Thank you for any and all help with this.

Hi @carlos.white.chacon

Have you taken a look at the correspondent user manual yet?
You can find it here.


Hi @sko

I have looked at the manual, however I am still confused. I have also looked at the CB3 manual and it seems only the CB3 can access the safety mode. Is the CB2 model to old? I still wish to wire a area scanner straight into controller and access reduced mode, is there any solution to this?

Based on the manual above the UR5 CB2 does not have the reduced mode capability, not sure if you have updated the UR5 to the latest robot firmware (UR might have added it) however after reading through the safety section of the manual there is only the Safeguard Stop and Emergency Stop functions capable on this robot.