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Dashboard server report program as "Playing" after Safeguard Reset

we have an Universal Robots UR10 CB3 with the (current) lastest software release 3.15.3 build 10.6.223, but we encountered a problem with the dashboard server and the safeguard stop.

The safeguard stop is set to Autoreset.

If the project is stopped, the dashboard server with the command “programState” correctly report “STOPPED”, when the safeguard stop is activated and then restored, the dashboard server report “PLAYING”, but the project is not playing.

I think this is a bug and it causes us some problems.

Even if i send the “stop” command, the programState still say that the project is running, i attach a screenshot of the command sequence.

Am i missing something?


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I am also experiencing this issue. My programs were working fine until I added the safeguard stop.

A quick workaround could be to use “running”. The only downside of this is you can’t tell if the programmed is paused or not. It looks like the safeguard does not affect the PAUSED program state.

We have experienced the same issue.
Robot: UR10e
After the safeguard is triggered we change the program state from paused to stopped. When the safeguard is reset, the dashboard server reports program running although it is actually still stopped.
This messed up our logic quite a bit. We have a temporary fix . Nevertheless this should be fixed.