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RS485 at the Controller e-Series

Hello, I have an application for a device that needs RS485 at the controller of the e-Series Robot. Form reading the documentation, I know RS485 is configurable at the TCI at the wrist.

Can I somehow have RS485 at the controller using the Analog I/O, or do I need to setup another device to do that?

I have never done this by myself, but I know there are adapters (physical parts) from RS485 to USB or Ethernet. Maybe it would be helpful for you.

RS485 → USB example
RS485 → Ethernet example

Hey Tomasz, thank you for the response. I was thinking the same, to go around this limitation. I just had to ask if someone knew a way to use the internal RS485 module of the robot at the controller.

Hi @munir.sultan,

As @tomasz.molik is stating you need an adapter, if you need the rs485 connection at the controller.

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