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CB3.1 RS-485 Baud

Please advise what is the baud/bus bandwidth of the RS-485 communication bus between the robot controller and the robot arm for CB3.1?

We are inserting a Phoenix Contact Repeater - PSM-ME-RS485/RS485-P - 2744429 on the communication line between the robot controller and the robot arm and need to match the bus speed.

I’d guess its around the controller scan rate for the CB3 series, .125 KHz or 125 Baud. Couldn’t find any documentation on my end to confirm though.

Is the repeater for extending the length of the robot cable? I’d also check out this article with further information on acceptable lengths/specs if so: https://www.universal-robots.com/articles/ur-articles/changingrepair-or-modifying-the-robot-cable/


Yes It is for extending the robot cable.

I’m interested in knowing the baud on the bus from the SCB to the Arm.

@Ebbe Will set_tool_communication alter the baud of the complete bus all the way from the SCB, through the joints to the tool?

Will it work on the CB3.1 also?

Communication in that cable is unchanged between CB3.0 and CB3,1.
The bus rate is in the Mbit range.

Need a specific number to set the proper setting of the RS485 repeater.

No one knows this at UR?

Maybe there is a way to check the serial communication settings of the tty device in linux?

The RS485 for the CB series is only for internal use. The baud is ~2M.