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Robot won't turn on anymore

I updated my E-series robot’s polyscope up to 5.11. When I tried to initialize my robot it was stuck booting for 15 minutes until I hit the estop. I read that you needed to turn on the motors in between each firmware update which I didn’t do. So I attempted to start over and attempted updated the robot to 5.2. It looked like the robot updated but when it tries to start up the programming pad stays black. After leaving the black screen for a few hours I power cycle the robot and I still am getting a black screen. Any Ideas to fix this would be appreciated.

I’m sure you may have figured it out by now but you will most likely need to install a new image on the sd card. There is an article explaining how to do this on UR website in technical support section.

That’s exactly what I had to do. Here is the link in case anyone else has this issue.

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