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Robot power ON and .urp program loading during every controller start up

Hai all,
I am using a UR5e robot . I am planning to remove the teach pendant. Is there a way to power ON the robot and load an urp during every controller boot up automatically without any external button control? And More importantly is there a way to know whether the controller an booted up completely and successfully without teach pendant?

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi aswathamang,

About how to disable the TP, please refer to the article below.


About the default running program and automatic brake release, you need to

(1) put the urp. file you want to run under the root directory

(2) set the default.installation under the root directory like the picture below with the corresponding settings.

(3) make the default.installation under the root directory as the installation of this urp file


Thank you it helped me a lot.