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Auto Power On UR5e

Is it possible that when the UR5e is plugged into power, the teach pendant automatically starts?

Currently we manually plug in the cobot and then have to press the teach pendant button to start the boot process. We don’t use the teach pendant other than for diagnostics. I do have it in remote mode.

You could use a 100-220V (Whichever you plug the power cord into) on-delay relay and have the NC contact connect the 12V and ON terminals.

As soon as you plug in the robot it will connect 12V to the ON port for the duration of the timer and then break the connection. This should simulate someone pushing an ON button for a certain duration.

Hi @krisrolfson ,

Please refer to the startup setting in the user manual or in your core training which is provided by your distributor. It could load the program and release the brake automatically and then run it.

Thanks for the info. I will look into that method.

I do have that filled in with the default program. I used GP for both Program File and Auto Init on a HIGH condition. Someone still has to press the power button on the teach pendant. If they do that, it does load the program, init the cobot, but then someone must press and hold the “play” button until the cobot reaches the first point. So it sort of works.

Hi @krisrolfson,

In my experience, if you move and put your *urp program under the root directory directly and make its necessary setting with the default.installation under the root directory, the robot could load the program, release the brake, and power on automatically without any manual intervention.

Furthermore, about the manual operation of moving robot to the first waypoint, you could put a “relative movement” for a waypoint and insert it as your new first waypoint. Make this relative waypoint as 0 distance & angle by setting the same pose to the from point and to point.

By doing so, you could run the robot from any its current pose to your second waypoint which is your original first waypoint without showing up the required manual screen to you. But, be careful that this way will make the robot go to your original first waypoint directory without human’s caution and confirmation so if anything is blocked in between, the robot would hit it.

@krisrolfson We use the “go nowhere relative move in the beforestart” method quite successfully on all our systems. One thing we’ve added though is a light and buzzer to warn before the robot starts moving.

The other thing I was going to add is if you haven’t thought about how the robot will be getting shut off yet, some UPS systems have a digital output that goes high when the AC supply is unplugged. You can use this output to trigger another relay for the shutdown function.

Thank you! I will give it a try.

Thanks for all the help. Problem solved. The cobot now auto boots and runs the program upon plug in. We also added the lights to warn that the cobot will move.