How to Power ON the Robot (instead of pressing the Button on Roboter Panel)

Good morning,

i have a question about powering on the Robot.
After connecting the Robot to the Power supply i have to press the Power ON Button on top of the Robot HMI:


Is there any possibility to connect an external Button to the robot that will power on the robot (even tho the Panel is still connected?)

Like this:

Or is that only possible when the teach panel is “deactivated”?

Cause normally the Panel will be inside of a fence.

Thank you very much


Please have a Look at the User Manual section 5.4.7 Remote ON/OFF control

Hi @m.hammerton

thanks for you answer,

I´ve checked on the UR website:

Here it didn´t say if i can use that when the Teach Pendant is still connected (as that aritcle is about how to enable/disable the teach pendant).


Pretty much the first think It says.

" Use remote ON / OFF to turn the control box on and off without using the teach pendant.
It is typically used:
*** When the Teach pendent in inaccessible** " e.g. connected but behind a fence.

I’ve not used it myself but give it a try!!

What’s the worst that could happen?

The remote on/off is perfectly safe to use with the teach pendant still connected to the robot.

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