Tool allignment

i am performing an application (suppose it to be like bolt placement) in which the tool that i use to place my bolts has always to be normal to my rederence plane (suppose it to be like a table).

I am facing a little problem:

  • i use a move instruction to but my bolt in place and i leave the bolt on the table
  • as i go up, the tool can be mis-aligned
  • as i put the next bolt in its position, this bolt is then put in a mis-aligned way.

Is there are way to be able to re-align authomatically my tool each time after each placement so that the next is placement ?

That should not be possible, if your robot and hardware are otherwise installed correctly. A set of coordinates is a set of coordinates and don’t just change (except for when using force-movements).

There is probably something else wrong. Are you using force or anything in your program? :slight_smile:
Or maybe your payload is not set to the correct value? Could also result in missed waypoints.

Hello efn!

thank you for your kind reply!

i am using a force control inside my program:

  • i start from a given position
  • i get the screw into the chuck
  • i use force control in z direction in order to get the contact with the surface
  • i move some mm down
  • i do my things
  • i use a moveL to move out from the screw

i have seen that although these movements are only on the z direction, it looks like sometimes i have also movements in other directions since my screw gets trapped into the chuck/ the screw gets crooked and is not perfectly still and vertical.

Do you have any hints about this?