Remote TCP & Toolpath URCap


We have a UR10e and are working with this example and the corresponding files it provides: Universal Robots - Tabletop Demo of Regular TCP Toolpath Moves - UR logo

When I try to load the Tabletop_demo.installation file in both real hardware and the URSim I get the following:

Screenshot from 2023-05-22 16-05-13

I would like to work with the out of the box example. I am wondering if there is some way to edit the install file before trying to load it?

According to the article, the robot example is made in softwareversion 5.6. You could try to download URSim 5.6 and remove any safety settings and then export it to a 5.13. :slight_smile:

I think the issue pertains to the robot model. The example is for a UR3 where as I am attempting to modify this example for a UR10e. I tried this in Polyscope 5.6 per the suggestion but the result is the same. If I set URSim to UR3 the example program and installation load AOK but any other robot model i.e. UR10e etc… produces the same joint position range limit error even if the installation safety limits are modified in the UR3 model load and saved for load into the other models. Are the Reduced Mode limits available for edit? They seem to be locked out even if the password is applied for unlock. Also, the joint limits of the example appear near identical to a default installation so perhaps there is some other reason for this error?

Do you actually need the installation at all?

Reduced Mode limits are only active, if you’re using a custom safety setup and not the preset values. :slight_smile:

I don’t know why you’re getting the error. I’m not familiar with it.

I am pretty new to UR and I agree I dont need the Install file immediately but if the install file fails it breaks the “demo example program” from creating some of the example features such as the tool and the planes etc… I was attempting to avoid recreating all that as to not introduce my own errors as I learn how this remote TCP for G-Code works.