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Remote path and fieldbus connection

Hello everyone,

we tried the remote path for GCode today but we found out that the robot seems to stop working as a Profinet slave when starting the URCap controller.

The robot is set up in an industrial environment controlled by a Profinet master PLC.

Is this problem known?
Any workaround or ideas how to make them both work at the same time?


What version of Polyscope? If it’s not the most recent then try running the latest. Are you using the remote tcp urcap? If you are then there might be come conflict in the General Purpose registers (sometimes they are shared between fieldbus and urcaps). IF you are writing to some GP Int or Float registers then try to eliminate this and see if it helps narrow down to the culprit register. If it is this then you might be able to switch to a different range of registers.


we are running the latest release (5.11.4). We are using the built-in URCap “Remote TCP & Toolpath”.

We are running the robots in an environment where a Siemens PLC is controlling the robot. Unfortunately it seems impossible for now to just simply change registers, because the machine is built in series and we have to take care of already delivered machines as well.

Seems it’s not ideal if an URCap uses also fieldbus registers as it brings trouble when the robot is operated in an environment like this.

Do you have any other idea that can help to get things running?

Thank you in advance,

Hi Andreas,

thank you for reporting this behavior. We confirmed this and will fix it in an upcoming PolyScope release.

As of now I can only recommend to either downgrade to an earlier version or, if possible, disable all Profinet I/O devices.
Depending on what kind of functionality of Profinet you are using, this might be a suitable workaround for now. This will still result in a warning, but your application might still work.

Sorry for the inconveniences caused by this issue, we are doing our best to fix this as soon as possible.

Best Regard,