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Relative/ variable waypoint in the pallet wizard


I am trying to figure out how to use the “Approach” point generated in the pallet wizard to make a variable or relative waypoint.

I am doing a multilayer pallet using an Ewellix lift kit and I have it set to raise up 500mm on the upper layers so that it can reach them. However, when it raises up it tries to place the boxes 500mm above where it needs to be. I have it set up for the generated approach and tool action points will use an IF when on layers 5-8 but I do not know how to set up basically an “Approach - 500mm Z distance” waypoint to go to when it is at these layers.

I would appreciate any help. Thank you

You should be able to use the referencePoint variable that the pallet wizard produces. You could run an if statement like this:

You don’t need to run that if statement in a thread, you can have it in your program somewhere also.