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Palletizing with a Ewellix LIFTKIT

Hi all,

So I am fairly new to UR Robotics and robotics in general. We have a UR10e on the Ewellix lift kit with the UR Cap. I am using the pallet wizard to make a pallet that is 8 layers tall with boxes 160mm tall. However, above layer 4 the base will need to raise in order to stack the top of the pallet- (We have 2 other robots running CB3 robots with the older SKF version of the actuating base that run and were originally programmed by a third party in 2017 and don’t utilize the pallet wizard so I cannot use them for reference)

I know that the base will have to be raised in order to do the higher layers of the pallet because of the CB3 lines we have. In order to complete this what would be the easiest approach to take?

I know that I cannot simply tell the base to go up as it is running the pallet wizard because it would change the locations of the boxes for the layers above where it moved.

My other thought was to just move it up and run as another pallet for the upper layers. I appreciate any help. Thank you!