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Reading Installation Variable Values to URCap


I need to read the installation Variable values into the URCap, is there any way of doing this.

My project involves using a SENSOPART camera with its URCap. I had a issue where I get the offsets from the camera, my program uses the offsets and the path os offset, but as soon as I step to the point or use the Move_Here function, the robot references references the point to the original plane and not the offset plane, same when I do a set waypoint, it then adds the offset to the waypoint coordinates.

See post Defining points with respect to plane for my setails on the problem.

I wrote a URCap to overcome this, see attached, where I input the offsets manually and the Move_Here and TouchUp function works correctly. I now need to find a way to get the offset values from the SENSOPART URCap into my URCap.



URCap Node.pdf (11.8 KB)

I wouls recommend reaching out to Sensopart, to query if they have any interfaces in their URCap to pull these values - probably in URScript or via a Script Function.

I will do that.

Is there a way to get the Values of Installation Variables in a URCap as this would be the easiest way of doing it, writing the offset
to the Variable and reading it into the URCap.


Only the existence of the variable is known in the PolyScope/URCap domain.
The variables value is only certain to be known in URScript, when the program is running.

Would you say that what I am trying to do is possible or not, don’'t really want to
waste any more time on this if it will not work. Its a pity as most of the project we
are looking at need this functionality.

Will you be adding the functionality on future updates?

The fact that the variable is only available when the program is running is something you will
have to look at fixing as well, as this causes problem when referencing a Installation variable
in script and using the step function.

Eg. movel(pose_trans(CameraOffset, Position), a = 1.2, v=0.3, r = 0.0)