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Possible to list all variables from InstallationTab?

As the title says, I just wan’t to know if I can get all the variables from the installation tab?
is it connected to DataModel class, if so then how do I do?

It is currently not supported by the API (API v. 1.1.0),
However the variables are all sent and updated through the Primary Client interface, so it might be possible to read these messages.

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Can you please go into more detail about how to get this via the primary interface?

It’s not very straight forward to say the least.
You can start in Primary interface documentation excel file.
Look for GlobalVariablesSetupMessage, and GlobalVariablesUpdateMessage. First one is sent whenever new global variable is created (mostly once at the beginning of the program), and then only update messages with new values are sent.

However I see no real value in getting global variables in java part of URCap. @dhv can you be more specific about use case? I suppose you wan’t to populate a list with installation variables, right?

Thanks for the response, @mmi. I can’t speak for dhv, but my use case is that the robot will receive a variable via a socket connection from a third party. I want to capture that variable in my URCap.

In that case, i reckon it would be easier, to just share that variable with a daemon, after it has been received.


 # Setup in preamble e.g. from Installation node
xml_rpc_handle_to_internal_daemon = rpc_factory(......) 

# At point of interest in program flow
variable_of_interest = socket_read_ascii_float(1,"mySocketToExternalDevice") # Or other socket_read_ command
# other code actually using the variable