Python 3 library to communicate with robot

We at Rope Robotics Aps have developed a code library that we use as our basic communication with the UR robot and other devises. We would like to share this work with all of you, and if you have ideas or inputs they are more than welcome.

The code is made for python 3.x and shared under the MIT license, hence you are free to use it and are not obligated to share your work based on this use. But if you make improvement to the code it would be appreciated if you share.

You are also very welcome to contribute to the project.
If you need help to get started with the code, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
The code is available at Bitbucket:


Thanks a lot for sharing!
I hope many will contribute.

I sent you an email for getting more knowledge.

Anyone used the RopeRobotics and would be willing to help me out a bit with uderstanding a code ?

Someone who uses it please correct me if I am wrong. But this software does not use any code on the polyscope i.e. thread that reads values of registers in 500HZ and so I do not believe you can implement an RTDE control?