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Protective Stop:C207AD:Fieldbus input disconnected

Protective Stop:C207AD:Fieldbus input disconnected

Polyscope throw the error after add move,waypoint and run.

Please advice

Happens if Ethernet IP or Profinet is enabled under Installation, but connection is lost or not present.
Go to Installation and disable the fieldbus connection, save Installation afterwards.

Alternatively, if an RTDE client is set up, but connection is lost.

Hello Jacob,Protective Stop:C207AD:Fieldbus input disconnected

But while running the program in UR using the external force sensor URcap to enable or bias the sensor, I always get the error message, ‘Protective Stop:C207A0:Fieldbus input disconnected’.

Is it caused due to RTDE connection fail?
What would have caused this issue, I have doubled checked the sensor IP address entered in the installation node and it is perfect.
Also, when ever I try to enable my Ethernet IP in the UR , it does not scan any.

Kindly could you please help me here.

The error is triggered by a timeout of the watchdog in the RTDE interface.
Either from a lost connection to Ethernet IP or Profinet.
Or maybe you have set up a watchdog in your RTDE connection, that is not reset frequently enough.

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