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Create Program Tree with ProgramTree and naming Waypoints

Hey everyone!

I’m working on a URCAP that would need to be able to create a program structure so that it can set the values like toolSpeed, etc in them. Im failing because i can’t even name the nodes, and cant seem to figure out how they should work.
Seen a lot of different post here in the forum and i’m trying with a ProgramNodeFactory. But i’m only able to create TreeNodes, which are blank. How do i create FolderNodes? How do i name them? Is there a tutorial article for this somewhere?

This URCAP would also need to use and add my previous URCAP to the program tree. In this case should i just import the package to the new URCAP, or should i access it some other way?

Thanks for all the help,

Look at PickOrPlaceSwing example. There you should find the answer :slight_smile:

It kindof works now, starting to get the hang of it. I’m still having issues with giving names to waypoint nodes, and so on, setting different values is not as straight forward as i thought.

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