Program Execution Based on CSV File

Hello, I have an idea for a type of bin picking application. When a job is released to our shop, they get a list of components. This is essentially just a CSV file, telling them they need 5 of Object 1, 3 of Object 2, whatever.

What is the best way to send this CSV file to the robot and have it parse this file in order to perform the correct picking operations? I’m not looking for specifics here, more just a baseline start point. I’m very familiar with URScript, and UR CAP development. Is it best to have a Daemon running that can read the file and provide results to the robot via XMLRPC, or something else?

I will be hooked up to this robot with my computer, so if there is some handy class file or something that I can include in a UR CAP to accomplish this, that would be great as well.

Where I’d like to get is just to have the robot echo the data of the CSV file. If I can verify that the robot is receiving the data from my PC, I can figure the rest out on my own.