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Copying programs with UR Script

Is it possible to Copy a program saved on the Robot to a new name.
I want to copy programs with cam locate to a common file name (when I change product) that I can call in my main routine.

the reason is I have approximately 100 cam locates which clog up my main program.
if I can just call one common sub-program it would reduce the size of my program.

FYI I’m Using a Robotiq wrist camera.

This will not work. If you have a program called main.urp and it calls a subprogram A.urp and then you copy B.urp over A.urp and attempt to run main.urp it will still appear to call A.urp.

When you open a program such as main.urp and run it what actually gets executed is main.script. Main.script doesn’t get rebuilt unless you change main.urp AND run it and you also have to point it at B.urp (as a called subprogram) instead of A.urp.