How to Change what program is called after power up

When I power the robot up it loads a different program and installation than I previously had selected.
How do I changed what program and installation is automatically selected upon power up?

I have already changed the “default program load on start up” to what I need it to be. But it still doesn’t load on start up.


Have you renamed your installation file? On startup, PolyScope loads defualt.installation located in the root of the programs folder. So either, the installation file of the startup program should be named default or a dummy default.installtion file can simply point towards you program, and we will load the corresponding installation file along with the program.

Hope this helps!

The Installation file that I’m using is different from default.installation .
I still can’t seem to get it to come up with the correct program and Installation. I shouldn’t have to name my installation file default Should I?

Yeah so what he’s saying is just boot the UR like normal. This will load the default installation. Without loading anything else, go to the Startup settings in the installation and point it towards your program. Then SAVE the installation (as default). Then the next time the UR boots, it will load the default installation, which you’ve now just told to load your other program, which will automatically switch to THAT program’s installation. It’s not super straightforward, but it works

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I’ll try that out shortly and see if it works. This is the Only UR robot we have in our plant so i’m kinda learning this all on my own. Thank you for your help.

So, theoretically, I could point the default installation to load progr1.urp, which loads its installation file prog1.installation. That installation file could load prog2.urp and its associated installation prog2.installation, and so on and so on . . . . . - even looping back to prog1 at some point?

Yeah probably. You’d just be sitting there watching the loading bar forever but yeah.

Exactly :ok_hand:
As long as the default.installation is pointing to your desired program (which can be associated with a different installation, no problem), then it should be loaded upon power up.