Problems with adjusting the IP-Address

Good morning together,

I´m facing an issue with the IP-Address of my UR10e.
The UR is connected to a Siemens PLC and Siemens HMI.

The IP Address are:

When I set the adress via Siemens TIA v15.1 I can communicate between the Robot and my PLC. BUT!!!
When i take a look at the Robot Panel it shows the IP adress of NOT at its IP Address. It says the Standart Gateway Address is “”…

When i try to change it “manually” at the Robot Panel:

and then I press “Übernehmen” (Apply changes), again all values will be set to and at the Standart Gateway it will put the address to “”.

Does anyone has an idea why it is like that?
For now its working, but later we want to connect the Robot to the Plant network (for that we use the gateway

Kind regards from Luxemburg

When profinet is enabled, network configuration of robot is taken over by PLC.
It’s known issue that robot shows incomplete network settings when profinet is enalbed. It will be addressed in one of future releases - underlying network is set correctly, so it’s treated as cosmetic issue.