Universal Robots+

Standard Gateway Adress is set to Robot IP after restart

Software version: …5.4.3
Robot generation: … UR10e #20195000516

Steps to reproduce:

  1. First step
    Setup the STATIC IP Adress:

  2. Second step
    Restart Robot

Expected behavior:
Gateway Adress is Still
Actual behavior:
Gateway Adress is set to the Robots IP:

Having this Bug, we can’t use our desired Remote URCap Update solution so, @Ebbe, @jbm please fix this :slight_smile:

Does it work until you restart the robot?

Yes, but after restart, we can not initialize the remote SSH connection because of the overwritten Gateway Adress

I tried to add it from the terminal using “route add default gw” and then it seems to be persisted.
Hopefully this can work as a workaround until it is fixed.

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Do you have Profinet enabled?

Yes, Profinet has to be enabled.

this bug is still present. is there any suitable workaround? we actually overwrite the settings in the /etc/network/interfaces config file


is there any news about this bug?