Problem with Sensopart UR Cap


we just installed our Sensopart V20 Camera and did the calibration via the UR Cap.
Now we have a problem with the Easy Pick Program.

We can teach everything including the gripping pose.
On the last step “teach offset” we get an error “Set Parameter Result Offset failed” and won’t get any further.

Does anybody knows any solution?


Did you start the sensor in the SensoConfig-Software?

If you have questions on the SensoPart VISOR Robotic URCap, please contact the sensopart support team:

Unfortunately, we can not monitor this forum all the time for questions regarding our product.
I hope this is OK for you.
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Klaus Berdel
Product Management Vision

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This error is usually caused by errors in the detector settings. Sometimes, while it finds an object in the PC interface, urcaps cannot find it either. You can see it when the PC application is open.

Hey Klaus, I am trying to calculate gripping offset through sensopart software but i cannot select Robot 3D option though in teach pendent i have already calibrated. Please donot ask to sent email to support team as i have already tried with that to mucjh complication.

Dear User Iambasnetsuraj,

We cannot discuss specific support details in this forum. I am sorry that you are unhappy with the

Please send a detailed description of your problem and how to reproduce it together with the following information to my e-mail address “”:

  • version number of VISOR FW, URCap, Robot Firmware
  • please prepare your jobset and an image that it should work with as well as the part of the robot program that you refer to, where the problem occurs.
    We cannot directly receive those files by email, but I will send you a link to our cryptshare tool via private e-mail, so you can upload the data.
    Thank you and best regards

Klaus Berdel


No matter what you do, you are getting a calibration error. I have tried it many times, and you can continue your work without errors using the other calibration option. However, my recommendation is to create your own program. Believe me, it’s not very difficult. It performs much better than the UR caps template.