SensoPart V10 camera fixed mount

I am trying to get a simple part pick program to work. I am using the V10_VISOR_URScriptLib_Demo_Job_Pick3D.job for the camera to start with.
I am using the VISOR_URLib_Pick3D.urp they have provided.

I have completed the calibration with the SensoPart calibration plate.

I am able to find the part and teach it the gripping pose. When I move the part in the field of view the robot moves in the wrong direction. When I rotate the part the rotation is sent to the base (joint 1) instead of rotating the gripper.

From what I found about variable waypoints they are supposed to be in relation to a reference plane or coordinate system. Since the robot is moving in an unxepected way I am guessing this is the issue but I can’t tell from the premade script where it references the plane or coordinate system.

Any help would be appreciated. I’ve ran the magic file and backed up all the files. I can share them but i’m not aware of how to do that via the forum.

Please contact