Controller lost at startup


I am facing a quite critical issue on my UR10.

After powering the robot up, i want to start the robot.

Unfortunately, many times i am not able to directly start the robot since i get the "NO CONTROLLER " message.

Sometimes, I need to wait even 10 minutes before "finding the controller " and being able to start the robot

Does someone have any hints about this behaviour?

Something might be interfering with controller startup.
Try to remove all installed URCaps, if this doesn’t help, then backup programs, calibration, and reflash USB stick with system image.

I get this message on my newer UR10 after reboots ~50% of the time. I plan to reflash the SD card next time i get some downtime.

This type of problem is almost always caused by incompatible/misbehaving URcaps, corrupt SD card image, too many threads, or some external system causing too many messages to be posted into the log file (usually a URcap or mis-configured safety IO).