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Possible to obtain the value of variable on dashboard server

I have happend to find dashboard command to obtain the values of variables that is undescribed in manual.

This feature is very useful for checking the state of robot program flow remotely!

ex: getVariable var_1


Interesting. How did you discover this? I wonder if it is possible to set a variable from the Dashboard Server.

I sent the letters “getVariable Model” to dashboard by mistake when using the function “getVariableModel” in programming urcap.

So I happend to confirm the value returned from dashboard.

Have you found out whether it’s possible to “set” a variable via dashboard server? I have tried several combinations of “setvariable var_1”, “set var_1”, and/or “set_variable var_1” with no success. The getvariable <desired_variable> works for both installation variables and currently running program variables, good find!

I don’t know about that.
Would you please request your feature on this forum.

This is part of the undocumented commands like “setio”, “usb inserted”, “profile”, …

I tried everything, but you can’t write a variable.
I understood that only a robot program can write a variable. You can send a script via PrimaryInterface that writes a variable, but that pauses the main Polyscope program…
On the other hand, you can write an installation variable via PrimaryInterface and start the program that can use the new value of the installation variable.