Position variable has two different positions

Hello all,

we have encountered a problem during programming. We use a pick/place position variable in two different switch cases. The position is in a coordinate system we created.

If we now change the position in one case, this is not taken over in the other case, although it is the same position variable.

I have already set up the two cases again and also created the variables again, so that it results in a link. Both positions have our coordinate system selected.
The error still exists.

Have you ever encountered something like this or is there already a solution?

Thank you!

Can you upload a screenshot of the program? Or maybe the whole program and installation? :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply!

As mentioned before, I deleted all the old position variables(which cleared the variable from the list, just to be sure)…then I recreated them already. The position variable is only used in these two cases.

Like said, when I change the position in one case, it isn’t updating the position in the other case right.

I’m not entirely sure, what you mean by position variables and positions in your case.

Is it the Koordinatensystem ICT you change? Or Pre_PCB_ICT and PCB_ICT?

It sounds like you’re editing the frame ICT. But what do you mean by “change the position in one case”?

Oh sorry. No with position variables I meant the poses (Pre_PCB_ICT and PCB_ICT).

And I changed the waypoint in one case, but the same waypoint is not getting updated in the other switch-case.

Hope I made it understandable now. :slight_smile:

Are the positions Linked? same sign as share/hyperlink here on forum… It is located on the point site on polyscope where you select a name…
Easiest way to handle this problem is to copy paste the point you want to have → delete 1 and copy paste the other one.

It seems the waypoints are linked. You shouldn’t be able to have two waypoints with the same name in PolyScope 5 without them being linked. :slight_smile:
I have seen the issue on e-series robots before, if you copy an old program from a CB-series robot to the e-series. Is this the case with your setup?

If not, then maybe it’s an early version of PolyScope 5? You could try updating it to see if that solves the issue.

The waypoints are linked, right. That is what confuses me.

This program has only been used on one single UR10e.
Polyscope is almost up to date (5.12), I don’t think updating to 5.13 will change something.

I already tried a lot. I think there is somehow a problem with the switch cases, they are not updating at all. Since even deleting the cases won’t change anything.

Hi Lars,

when you save the program, open a new one and then reopen your program: are the waypoints positions the same then?

Hi Made,

I will check that in some days when I am at the UR again, than I will give you a feedback.

Thank you!

I had a very similar issue with a variable position
see Post

Thank you! Looks like they didn’t fix it.

Have you already updated to 5.13? Has the error been fixed?

I did upgrade it to 5.13. however I didn’t get to test it further as the robot was installed into production.
an I have left the company.

Okey thank you!
Than we will try it out :slight_smile: