Positions don't change after Plane has been re-taught

Steps to reproduce:
Have a program with linked positions relative to a plane

Expected Behavior:
When a Plane is re-taught all the linked positions should move relative to the new plane data

Actual Behavior:
Only the 1st position in the program move to the new relative position

Workaround Suggestion:
Either re-teach each occurrence of the linked position (Kind of makes linked positions irrelevant)
or change the Feature in the move node, unlink the position
then er link the position and then change back the feature in the move node.

Robot Serial Number:

Affected Version(s):
*Polyscope/controller5.12.0.1101482 (Jun 2022)

see attached screenshots

You can see that although the positions are linked the positional data is completely different.

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From the 5.12 patch notes:

So looks like maybe they fixed one issue and introduced another.

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