Polyscope update compatibility check


We have an old UR5 from 2013. I have some issues running it in Force mode. It shakes a lot and I am hoping to fix it with a firmware update. Currently, it is running Polyscope 1.8. I want to update it to something that Force mode would work smoothly.

I know the fact that it is such an old robot and it does not support all new updates. I would like to check what the latest supported version of Polyscope is for our robot. How can I check it?


I would say check this page by UR

Universal Robots - LEGACY DOWNLOAD CENTER (universal-robots.com)

I did the upgrades exactly as they write it there and didn’t have any problems. With one notice, read the update logs/notes to know what you could expect by/after Upgrading (for example changes in Network or such)

Likely since you got Polyscope 1.8 its CB2 or CB2.1 Check the list under ROBOT SOFTWARE UPDATE LEGACY (POLYSCOPE UPDATE)