UR5e latest software version

Hello all,

would someone inform me what the latest version of polyscope software for the UR5e is please?

is this just for UR20?

sw-5146-e-series ur20

Thank you


If you go here and select your robot on the left and Software Update, you will see the latest software version: UR Download | Support Site | Universal Robots

Yes, the latest is 5.14.6 for UR5e and UR20. 5.15 is only for UR20/UR30.

But I’ll say; UR has made it confusing with two different versions now (e-series and UR20/UR30).
Also, they’re not updating the title, so there are a lot of “Latest Polyscope” for UR20/UR30 (poke, poke). :slight_smile: