Possible to downgrade UR3 Polyscope versions

Hello, we are currently using the UR3 with version

We would like to test upgrading the machine to the newest software. But since we fear that some functionality we currently rely on will not work with the newest software (you guys called our usage “definitely not the recommended way”) I wanted to know if it is possible to simply downgrade the UR if necessary?

It is possible to downgrade if you do not like the functionality of the new version or lose something that you need so need to go back. Remember when upgrading you have to go up by minor version, so you will need to install 3.4 before 3.5. We have taken robots up and down when trying to troubleshoot a bug or something not working as we expected.

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Oh wow, that is good to know. Thank you for confirming that downgrading is possible!

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