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Polyscope not loading

I am attempting to read the positions of waypoints as part of a moveL which would be the child of the URCap. I used apiProvider.getProgramAPI().getProgramModel().getRootTreeNode(this).getChildren().get(0).getChildren().get(0) and this worked to get the waypoint node. However, using .getProgramNode().getClass().getName() shows that the type of the waypointNode should be com.ur.polyscope.urcaps.internal.programnodes.waypoint.WaypointNodeImpl. However, I am unable to import com.ur.polyscope. Additionally, I attempted to cast the waypoint to WaypointNode (com.ur.urcap.api.domain.program.nodes.builtin.WayPointNode) and the program shows no errors, but when I load it onto the UR 3e I get a yellow exclamation mark and can’t run the URCap. What do I need to do to successfully import polyscope or successfully cast to WaypointNode?

Hi John,

could you post the correspondent code snippet?

Only the com.ur.urcap… packages should be imported for interacting with the robot through the api.

Have you already taken a look at the EllipseSwing - Sample in regards of handling Waypoints?