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Problem loading sample URCap

I get Java exceptions when running it in my URsim Could be the Java version that has caused this. Official URsim runs 1.6.0_39

i tried to build the R3 Screwing URCap and unable to resolve the dependency of com.ur.urcap.api.ui.component.ProgramTreeNode. Please advice.

@PLN & @chlai

Sorry, sample was made in a beta.
A slight change was made in the API that I didn’t change in the code.
An up-to-date UR3 Screw plugin has now been uploaded.

Let me know if you have any issues.

How to add a waypoint under HelloWorld sample without MoveJ

A Waypoint in PolyScope will always be grouped under a Move-command (MoveJ, MoveL, MoveP).

In URScript, the waypoint will be interpreted into the movel, movej or movep script code depending on which Move-command it is grouped under.
E.g this program:

Will be translated into this script code:


I am making a command and would like to create something like the Pallet or Seek command in PolyScope Wizard. Like the StartPos under Stack.