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Waypoint-like node in URCaps


I would like to design a URCap that, given 3 waypoints, makes the robot perform a Circle Move through the 3 waypoints.
My idea is to put the move actions I need plus the definition of the 3 waypoints in the same node.
How can I design a Node View and Node Contribution of the waypoints similar to the waypoint in Polyscope?


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I would like to know that as well, I am planning to create a Node that represents a Waypoint but only for further transformations to it, and not to move to directly which is not possible with default waypoints afaik currently!

Thanks in advance

Have a look at this one :slight_smile: :


I saw that post, but I don’t have idea I could I design the Waypoint user interface and logic like the one shown in Polyscope. So I can teach the robot the Waypoint through Freedrive or the Move tab, get the position and then apply all the trasformations I need to perform the circle movement.
Can you help me with that?

Thanks a lot for your reply,

Then you should have a look at @jbm s example

There he uses RobotMovementCallback and getUserDefinedRobotPosition

I haven’t looked how the interface he did looks, but a lot of things I bet he has there.

Thanks! I am going to check it out. Thanks a lot!