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Pneumatic Valve Control


I want to control a pneumatic 5/2 valve with my UR5 control box.
Sadly I appears that the valve doesn’t want to open whenever the air-supply is connected.
I think the cause is the voltage of the IO (IO2) is not high enough while the valve is under pressure.
The valve does open when there is no pressure, but because the valve has an air return spring, I need pressure to close the valve

Does anyone know if there is a way to use the valve with the UR5 controlbox IO without having to use a relay?

Would you tell me the purpose to use the valve?

If it is for driving the chuck or cylinder, I use SY3140-5MZ(SMC).
This can be used with controlbox IO without relay.

It’s used for supplying air pressure to an vacuüm generator.
The valve we currently have is a: VUVG-LK14-M52-AT-G18-1H2L-S.
We would like to use this specific valve for cost and time reasons.
We would like to test some stuff at the start of next week so we sadly have no time to order some specific valve’s.

We use 24VDC solenoid valves with the same electrical rating as your valve with no problem. When you say you have the valve connected to IO2, does that mean the input or the output? The valve needs to be connected to an output, DO2 or CO2.

I suppose there could be some issue with that particular output, so you could try a different digital or configurable output to test that theory.

You aren’t using a digital output pulse signal to trigger the valve right? You’ll want to use a set command to turn the output on, then use another set command to turn the output off when you are done with your gripping activity.

I found the problem yesterday evening, the exhaust air couldn’t properly escape hence the pneumatic return function of the valve did not work.