Pneumatic Vacuum Switch and Vavle Wiring to UR5 Controller

I am working on a pick and place application which utilizes a vacuum pressure switch and valve. It’s a PNP 1 output sensor that I am trying to wire to the controller, also on the valve side, I have a supply valve and a release valve.

Can anyone please provide some general guidance on wiring a vacuum device with pressure switch and valve?


Since it’s PNP, it should just be plug and play, if I’m not missing something in your question. :slight_smile: It is fairly simple to wire digital inputs and digital outputs.

Your pressure switch will be a digital input. You should look at the documentation for the pressure switch to identify 0V/GND, 24V and digital out. The wire colors will probably be brown, blue and black.
Brown must go to a 24V in the robot controller. Blue to a 0V. And black to a Digital Input (DI0-DI7). Then you will see your signal in the robot’s I/O tab.

Your valves only need 24V and 0V to function. That’s a black and blue wire. Connect the blue wire to 0V and the black wire to a Digital Output (DO0-DO7). Then you can control the valve by turning on and off the corresponding digital output from the interface/program.

I cannot tell from your question, if it’s an “all-in-one” vacuum device. If it’s all in one device, you should consult the documentation for that device to tell which wires are which. Or you can tell us the device model and type, and we can help you. :slight_smile:

I have brown to 24V, black to (DI0-DI7), grey to (DI0-DI7), blue to 0V, white to (DO0-DO7).

I can control the release pilot valve open/close by the UR interface. But I do not get vacuum at the vacuum port when I have positive air supply connected.

Brown: 24V
Blue: 0V
Grey: DOX (vacuum function)
White: DOX (release function)
Black: DIX (vacuum signal)