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Digital output e10 12v

We have a e10 ur robot and some 12v air valves. Is there a way to change the digital io that’s not the tool io to 12v?

Unfortunately no, the only changeable I/O’s are the tool. You might be able to get away with using the Remote I/O’s in the control box it has 12V/GND. If you hook these to a 24V relay which is then connected to a digital I/O you could trigger that relay and close the 12V circuit to your air valves.

** Warning: First off, I have never used this “Remote I/O” so be careful not to damage your controller. Not sure what your air valves draw power wise but max load for this I/O is rated for 100mA so be careful not to damage your control box, I would test with an external power supply first. **

General Note: make sure to double check your air valves and/or relay are configured properly (NC/NO), check if valves close by using E-Stop (make sure air supply is cut off to tool in emergency state).

Or you could use a buck converter and drop from 24V to 12V. Again, be careful not to damage your controller. Hope that helps, and best of luck!

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Using relays is the way I’d go too.
Using the standard 24v Digital Outputs inside the controller.
Its Likely that any solenoid valve is going to draw more current than the 100mA, so definitely invest in an external PSU.

This would require a Dump valve which would need to be wired from the Configurable output pair: System emergency stop.
Also think about whether dumping the air might actually be more dangerous!