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PalletSequence in PolyS. 3.11.0 not supporting Features in Pallet Properties like eSeries do


we are using 2 CB UR5 and 1 UR10e at the Moment. For the CB robots we use the palletizing function to shed parts. However, we only wanted to teach this palletization once and then transfer it to the three different trays. Until now, this was only possible with great effort. I had to write confusing Code and use 3 PalletSequences.

 If Teil_gefunden≟ True 
                         Teil_gefunden≔ False 
                         'movel(pose_trans(Pose_1, pose_trans(pose_inv(Ecke_T1_6), AfP1_RadarS)),a=1.2,v=0.25)'
                         VgP1 / T1
                           movel(pose_trans(Pose_1, pose_trans(pose_inv(Ecke_T1_1), VP1_D30_vor)),a=1.2,v=0.25)
                           movel(pose_trans(Pose_1, pose_trans(pose_inv(Ecke_T1_1), VP1_D30_Nvg)),a=1.2,v=0.25)
                           Einstellen VG_Verguss_AN=Ein
                           Einstellen VG_Verguss_AN=Aus

This code is slightly modified and used in 2 additional palletizations. Thus, the waypoint only needs to be changed once to be approached correctly in all 3 palletizations. But with the confusing code and the inflated program (3 palletizations) the handling is very difficult. Especially when writing new programs that is a considerable effort.

Since I have now seen how easy the problem was solved in the eSeries, I ask if this could also be implemented in the CB series.
I think that would be a very helpful relief.

By the way, I think as soon as you use an IF loop, you have to script the waypoint anyway via posetrans(), otherwise it will not be approached relatively from the pattern point. Here it would also be helpful to provide a kind of Palletization-If function so that one can use the normal waypoint node.