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Moving within a pallet sequence

I’m attempting to use a pallet sequence in a gluing application. We have a flat table that the robot (CB3 I think) is mounted to, and a tray mounted to that with an array of identical parts on it. I setup a square with the wizard, set the entry point 10mm above the first sequence point, with the exit point also 10mm above. This part works great, the TCP moves to each position goes down, then up, moves to the next, etc.

The problem comes in when I try to do moves within the sequence. I added a few waypoints to essentially make a square pattern on each part. As the program progresses along the array, it slowly rotates the box. At the last part, it’s almost 60 degrees off. Is this normal behavior? I suspect I am doing something wrong, but can’t figure it out.

If you are indeed using the CB3 version of Polyscope then the palletizing template is not very friendly to adding other move code within the palletizing node (anywhere). You can add other commands (perhaps setting an output) but in general you will not have much success adding anything else significant within the wizard/template.

The eseries version is a little more forgiving in this regard but still has some limitations.

It looks like if I do relative waypoints there aren’t any problems. Entry point and sequence 1 have to be fixed. Everything else is relative and that seems to be working. Cross your fingers.