Pallet Count Reset


How do you reset the Pallet Template Counter to 0 if the count needs to be reset due to not being able to finish pallet in production. I have tried assigning the variable (Pallet_1_cnt_1) to 0 in the Before Start using a Pop Up to confirm, but the count stays at current value.


Make sure “Remember last item location” is unselected in the Palletizing properties.

Yes I do have this selected. Thank you very much.

My experience is that Pallet_1_cnt_1 needs to be set to 1 to start at the beginning. I do this from the Installation/Variables field.

I thought I noticed that when I was first setting up the pallets.

Is it common practice when using Pallet Templates in other programs to always keep the names as Pallet_1, Pallet_2 ect and use different Item Counter variables such as Pallet_1_cnt_2, Pallet_2_cnt_2 to keep track of all Pallets separately.