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Add page on Polyscope

Hello everyone,

I would like to modify Polyscope to permit to change easily positon, parameter of the robot program, velocity, without the programmer mode.
My robot is a UR10 CB3.

1 - Positon Register: Permit to change positions offset
2 - Register: Permit to change programm parameters
3 - Add a sliding button to change Velocity

Parameters of the 1 and 2, go to variables that i can use in the robot programm.
I attach you some screenshot to give you an example of what I want to do.

Is URCaps able to do this ? If not… An other solution ?
Did this aleready exist ? Where ?
Some advices to help me to start ?

Thanks a lot.

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Hello everyone,

Did someone can resp me ?

Thank you very much.


To keep it short: yes, a urcap plugin is capable of displaying this Information but not not in the way you desire.

You can either create Installation Nodes, Program Nodes or Toolbar Menus which can not be embedded in the top level UI of Polyscope.

To get a better overview i would recommend to look at the urcap examples included in the urcaps sdk.

If you like a fully customizable UI i would consider using a remote client and control the robot with urscript through the remote mode.

OK Thank you very much !