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Multiple Remote TCP Toolpaths in URCaps in one program?

We have a UR10e. I would like to setup 3 remote spindles, for example, one with a router bit, one with a sanding drum and a 3rd with a buffing wheel. I would like to grab a plastic part in a gripper, move to spindle 1 and rout out the part, move to spindle 2 and sand the part, then move to spindle 3 to buff the edges. URCaps Remote TCP and Toolpath works well for each operation using g-code developed in Mastercam and using a single spindle and changing out the tools and manually selecting each toolpath. However, I do not see how to setup multiple Remote TCPs and use URCaps to run 3 different toolpaths on 3 different spindles in the same program. Is there a way to do this? Thanks for any guidance here!

I believe you can setup multiple Remote TCPs in the installation Tab for the URCap. If you go to Installation → Remote TCP & ToolPath → Remote TCP → ToolPath Moves → Remote TCP you can add them there using the “+” symbol. Then when you go to program, select the Remote TCP you would like to use in the “RTCP_MoveP” Node. It sounds like you will need 3 of these nodes for three separate Remote TCP.

It sounds like you are using the same PCS for each but you can also add more of those as well in the Installation Tab if needed. You may also want to add some Air moves between each new tool.

Yes, thank you! I see it now, how to add multiple Remote TCPs. Perfect, this should work well!