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Modbus server is not coming up


I Downloaded ‘Starter Package SDK 1.3.55’. 5.0 and 3.6 URSims are available in the VM.

I installed URcap (built using SDK 1.2.56) in 5.0 and 3.6 URSims and run the script ‘start-ursim.sh’
In both URSims, Modbus server is not coming up.
In fact, i tried with 3.5 ursim as well in the same VM and saw the same issue.

In the console, i could see the message like
URControl: Operation not permitted.
URControl: no process found.

In the URControl.log, error logs as
calibration.conf file is missing or corrupted
urcontrol.conf file is missing or corrupted

Could you please let me know whats going wrong here?

I believe i’m having the same issues,
would love to see this addressed.

@jbm Does the simulator feature a running modbus server?

It may not be.
I.e. take a look at the bottom here:
URSim Linux 3.9

Simulator can run modbus server, but it requires elevating URControl process privileges. Normal user processes are not allowed to open ports with numbers lower than 1024.
Use following command on URControl binary included in ursim folder:

sudo setcap cap_net_bind_service+ep URControl

Then try it out by restarting simulator, and creating connection from builtin modbus client to, digital input address 0.

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