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Method to license URCaps

Does anyone know how to license URCaps? Since some URCaps are integration of third-party hardware and software.

UR does not currently provide any licensing options for URCaps plugins.
The background behind this is, that there are a lot of possible different business models for distribution (e.g. per customer, per robot, per running hours etc.), and hence we will not be able to find a solution, that would fit them all.

Hence, it is up to the developer himself, to decide which licensing scheme and method to distribute.

Is it possible to get robot serial from cap?
Then maybe i could code the serial into an xml to license the cap installation for the specific robot? Or What Do you Think Jacob?

Yes. you can do.

There is a method provided in URCapAPI. api.getRobotModel().getSerialNumber()

Thank you👍
To implement a static number in xml to compare with, where Do i put it and how to read?

Mvh Jonathan Skov
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Have a daemon process reads the xml file.

From polyscope UI, call the daemon process over xml-rpc to compare the serial number.

i’m currently implementing this:

Hi @m.birkholz,
we are trying to use CodeMeter, but we have some problems with it because the controller cannot detect the USB. Could you give us some information on how you install the runtime software needed for the usb dongle in the controller?

Thank you

Hi @silvia.costi,

unfortunately, we did not get it to work. The Problem lies in the OSGi Frameẃork mechanics and the post-encryption of the urcap java classes. Without encryption, the CodeMeter Solution was no Option for us.

The USB Dongle Detection was working after i embedded the wibu jar file as a maven dependency.

You might wanna contact Mr. Kügler from Wibu Systems for further information and ask if they finally found a solution for the osgi framework issue tho:


I’m sorry if I write to you again, but we have already embedded the jar file as a maven dependency, this way:


Using URSim we can detect the dongle and check the license (we periodically check if there is a valid license/USB plugged in the system), but we cannot make it works on the controller.
We already contact wibu about this metter and they say we should install the runtime in the controller. So, could you give me more information on how you make it works or tell me if we set the wrong dependency?
About the OSGI, we already asked some feedback, but they said there’s no news.

Hi @silvia.costi,

did you try mounting the usb drive manually on the ur controller? i think that was one step in a million that got it to work. Sorry, that hacky thing is more than a year ago and i cant remember all details.

Hi @m.birkholz,
we’ve already tried it, but nothing has changed. If you ever remember something else, please let me know. Thank you for your help.