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Many strange scripts in log

I found that there are a lot of script running records in the log. How did this happen?

But I have never used 30001,30002 or other ports to send similar scripts.I only edit , play or pause the program by the teach pendant.So how will these records be generated?

log_history.zip (20.6 KB)

Those bottom three are fairly normal and are generated by polyscope when something goes wrong. I don’t recognize the ones above though. Are those the ones you’re referring to?

Hi there,
I also cannot read the log events above the C162A0 line but IF those lines indicate some code is accessing port 30001 or 30002 then I would suspect a URcap is doing this in the background. It could be done remotely too.

like this,there are many movej or movel in the log,As far as I know, these will be generated through remote transmission.And the robot wasn’t installed any urcap.