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Hi All,

I am developing my first URCap. I have included java.util.logging in my InstallationServiceNode and ContributionNode for logging some details. May I know where will the log files be stored.?

I checked the URControl.log where I couldn’t trace my logs.


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Did you check the bundle folder?
It is placed under /GUI/felix-cache/bundleXX/
Where XX is the arbitrary number of the bundle, e.g. /GUI/felix-cache/bundle85/

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Hi Jacob,

Thanks. I will check.

By default logs from polyscope and urcaps are printed to polyscope console (ctrl+alt+F9).
Configuration is done through .urcontrol/gui.properties file
You can put following lines to this file to enable logging to filesystem: LogAppenders=com.ur.util.logging.ConsoleAppender com.ur.util.logging.FileAppender
Then your logs will be written to ui-gui.log file.
Just remember to remove it on production robots as it wears out flash memory, and slows software down.


What exactly do you mean by wearing out flash memory? I am thinking about saving log file somewhere in /home/ur. I want to use Python’s Rotating File logging. Where should I put it so I don’t cause any damage?

It should be placed in RAM filesystem in /tmp or /var/tmp.
Contents of this filesystem is lost on reboot.
If you need persistent logging between reboots, then you can create [HOME]/.urcaps/[symbolic.name.of.your.urcap]/ subfolder (for example /root/.urcaps/com.ur.urcap.examples.helloworld) for critical errors to keep bandwidth low, and /tmp for more verbose debug information.

I’ll update this post when I’ll obtain specifications of our flash drives.


Hi All,
I want to do same thing.
I failed to configure poliscope logging to file. How to do it?
I pasted below text to ./urcontrol/gui.properties:
LogAppenders=com.ur.util.logging.ConsoleAppender com.ur.util.logging.FileAppender

How to do it? And how to change default directory for this log?
Its described in any document?

My task is to collect UR logs (Poliscope) in real time and send it to cloud.
Data in log files is not latest, if I compare to poliscope gui.

New versions of polyscope use Log4j for logging, and configuration file can be found in ~/.polyscope/java-logger.xml.
By default G3 logs to console only, and eSeries logs to console, and to the file ~/polyscope.log.


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