Make the script path in the script node relative

Usually I create for each project a <project-folder> for program and installation files, and a subfolder <project-folder/scripts-folder> with some scripts that I insert as nodes in the program. I have a problem when I copy the <project-folder> to another location, for example a different folder or when I transfer the project from ursim to a real robot.

When I open one of the script nodes in Polyscope I get this error popup:

Could not save file '<old absolute path>'

Ensure the selected save directory exists. If it is an external storage device, then verify it is attached.

Moreover when this happens, the missing scripts are recreated in the <project-folder>, but in this way I have duplicates that are not easy to detect in Polyscope (for each script I have one in the <project-folder/scripts-folder> and one in the <project-folder>).

Would it be possible to make the script file reference in the script node relative to the program location (e.g. <scripts-folder/example.script>) instead of absolute (e.g </programs/.../scripts-folder/example.script>)?

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I have the exact same problem, has anybody found a solution for that?
Is is possible to use relative paths for loading a script?

kr Thomas.