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Immediate update of buildUI method changes on Polyscope

Hi gurus,

In the URCaps tutorial by Jacob (https://plus.universal-robots.com/getting-started/myfirsturcap-creating-the-view/), he is able to update the buildUI method and reflect the changes made on the Polyscope interface by clicking of a button.

May I know how is this done, without uploading the .urcap file built?

I have successfully deployed the tutorial example and I am now developing my own application. I reckon this immediate visualization of changes made can be really helpful for GUI development.

Appreciate your guidance. Thank you.


Hi @liujy,

The view Jacob have added to the right side of the screen is to show how it affect the view. Before you can deploy it to Polyscope you need to build your plugin.

Best regards,

Hi Ebbe,

Thanks for the reply.

Yup, the understanding I had is that the plugin must be built before deploying to the Polyscope to reflect the changes made in buildUI method.

However in the tutorial, Jacob is able to show the changes in buildUI method “immediately” in the Polyscope. I was just wondering if he is using any software tools/APIs to achieve this. I am not sure if the building portion of the plugin is cut from the video.


You can test quickly the GUI by creating a main method like the one in this post:

However PolyScope automatic style and functionality will not work.